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Bunya Recky Run 14

Posted by Red Ned on March 12, 2014 at 10:40 AM

Went for a recky run over the Bunyas today. To start of with I went to Cooyar and pulled up at the servo for fuel (only regular and 95) and an iced coffee. I then went down the pub and had a chat. One of the owners was behind the bar and was all for bikes and rides and event has an event herself in August every year.

Cooyar Hotel

Next I headed to Macglagan then turned at the shop to head up the Bunyas..... Not a good idea unless you have a dirt bike. Almost 11k's of pretty good road and the 20k's of dirt. I turned the red bitch around and headed back.

After reassessing my options I headed towards Dalby and 3k's short of the Bun pub I turned onto the Bunya road I knew. It was a good run and the first time I have gone up this side (I usually go down) and must say after this weekend, I will definitely only go down the Dalby side. Great roads with plenty of twisties, but you can't get the speed up to properly appreciate the ride going up.

The Darling Downs and beyond


Anyways, I got to the top and took a panoramic photo of the Darling Downs and beyond from Fishers Look out. Then off to the township. A great cafe/restaurant to the top of the hill (Poppies) or around the bend to the store and licenced restaurant. Well I didn't feel like coffee or beer so I headed to the store.

Bunya township

Had a chat with the new owners and by the sounds of it things are going great for the restaurant. Has had a facelift and the new owners are trying to get an off premise licence (Take away grog).

By now the shadows had gotten that long that the valley was almost in darkness so I decided to head. BTW, if ever up the Bunyas, watch out for the skippies, they are everywhere and are not scared of vehicles.

Now once I got to the t intersection I turned right towards Kingaroy. I so do love that road when there is no traffic...... Lovely curves, beautiful bends and the road was pretty good too.

Anyhow, I have posted some pics in the gallery and will see yous after the weekend ride....... BUNYA RUN 14, here we come.

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